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Northwoods Prisoner Support & Legal Skill Share

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Community skill-share that examines the dynamics, demographics,& needs of those incarcerated in the northwoods-midwest bioregion, in conjunction with supplying/sharing skills & resources needed for ALL people to better understand potential legal predicaments that arise, &/or represent themselves (pro se) in the so-called “kourt of law” in an enlightened & empowered manner!

*Please message us if you have anything you would like to contribute to this skill share/wkshp, &/or if you want to help us table & persyn a, “letters-to-prisoners” table the morning before (Sat. Aug.26th) at the downtown Wausau Farmer’s Market!
Until ALL Creatures Are Free!

No borders. No Nations. No Prisons or Jails. No Police. No Pipelines. No Industrial Agriculture or Resource Extraction. No Prejudice. No Compromise!

Two Women Claim Responsibility for Sabotage and Arson Attacks to Stop DAPL JULY 24, 2017

To Contact Jessica & Ruby’s Legal Support Team:
Attorney Bill Quigley: 1-504-710-3074 AND

Des Moines, IA – Unicorn Riot has received a press release from two women claiming responsibility for arson attacks and valve sabotage against the Dakota Access Pipeline. In the video below, these two women from Iowa publicly state their sabotage actions against the Dakota Access Pipeline and turn themselves in. Unicorn Riot is covering their surrender to authorities today.

UPDATE: The arrested women are now being taken to Polk County Jail. Both are being charged, thus far, with “4th degree criminal mischief” for destroying the Public Utilities sign just before arrest. No charges have been brought yet for the alleged sabotage of the pipeline. More updates coming soon.

The press release can be read below in full:

The Dakota Access Pipeline is an issue that affects this entire nation and the people that are subject to its rule. With DAPL we have seen incredible issues regarding the rule of law, indigenous sovereignty, land seizures, state sanctioned brutality, as well as corporate protections and pardons for their wrongdoings. To all those that continue to be subjected to the government’s injustices, we humbly stand with you, and we ask now that you stand with us.

Federal courts gave corporations permission to lie and withhold information from the public resulting in a complete media blackout. So, after recently being called by the Intercept, an independent media outlet, regarding illegal surveillance by the Dakota Access Pipeline and their goons, we viewed this as an opportunity to encourage public discourse surrounding nonviolent direct action as well as exposing the inadequacies of the government and the corporations they protect.

After having explored and exhausted all avenues of process, including attending public commentary hearings, gathering signatures for valid requests for Environmental Impact Statements, participating in Civil Disobedience, hunger strikes, marches and rallies, boycotts and encampments, we saw the clear deficiencies of our government to hear the people’s demands.

Instead, the courts and public officials allowed these corporations to steal permissions from landowners and brutalize the land, water, and people. Our conclusion is that the system is broken and it is up to us as a individuals to take peaceful action and remedy it, and this we did, out of necessity.

We acted for our children and the world that they are inheriting is unfit. There are over five major bodies of water here in Iowa, and none of them are clean because of corporation’s flagrant irresponsibility, and now another wishes to poison literally millions of us irreparably by putting us all at risk of another major catastrophe with yet another oil spill. DAPL has already leaked, and it will continue do so until the oil is shut off and the pipes are removed from the ground.

On election night 2016, we began our peaceful direct action campaign to a Dakota Access construction site and burned at least 5 pieces of heavy machinery in Buena Vista County, IA. Details regarding this action are attached to this statement below. This was information which was not shared with the public. We recognize that our action wasn’t much, but we at least stopped construction for a day at that particular site.

We then began to research the tools necessary to pierce through 5/8 inch steel pipe, the material used for this pipeline. In March we began to apply this self-gathered information. We began in Mahaska County, IA, using oxy-acetylene cutting torches to pierce through exposed, empty steel valves, successfully delaying completion of the pipeline for weeks. After the success of this peaceful action, we began to use this tactic up and down the pipeline, throughout Iowa (and a part of South Dakota), moving from valve to valve until running out of supplies, and continuing to stop the completion of this project. More information on these actions is followed at the end of this statement.

These actions of great public interest were hardly reported and the federal government and Energy Transfer Partners colluded together to lie and withhold vital information to the public.

We then returned to arsonry as a tactic. Using tires and gasoline-soaked rags we burned multiple valve sites, their electrical units, as well as additional heavy equipment located on DAPL easements throughout Iowa, further halting construction.

Later, in the first week of May we attempted yet again to pierce a valve located in Wapallo County, IA with an oxy-acetylene cutting torch. It was at this time we discovered oil was flowing through the pipe. This was beyond disheartening to us, as well as to the nation at large. This event was again hidden from the public and replaced with lies about “ditch depressions”. ( link)

We stand here now today as witnesses of peaceful, nonviolent direct action. Our actions have been those of necessity and humility. We feel we have done nothing to be ashamed of. For some reason the courts and ruling government value corporate property and profit over our inherent human rights to clean water and land.

We are speaking publicly to empower others to act boldly, with purity of heart, to dismantle the infrastructures which deny us our rights to water, land and liberty. We as civilians have seen the repeated failures of the government and it is our duty to act with responsibility and integrity, risking our own liberty for the sovereignty of us all.

Some may view these actions as violent, but be not mistaken. We acted from our hearts and never threatened human life nor personal property. What we did do was fight a private corporation that has run rampantly across our country seizing land and polluting our nation’s water supply. You may not agree with our tactics, but you can clearly see the necessity of them in light of the broken federal government and the corporations they protect.

We do not anticipate a fair trial but do expect our loved ones to undergo harassment from the federal government and the corporations they protect. We urge you to not speak one word to the federal government and stand firm in order to not be oppressed further into making false, but self-incriminating statements. Film these interactions. There are resources as what to do if the federal agents appear at your doorstep, educate and protect yourself.” ( PDF link)

It is unfortunate to have to prepare for such things, but this is the government that rules, which continues to look more and more like a Nazi, fascist Germany as each day passes. We salute the people.

Details of our peaceful direct action are as follows. We hope this information helps inspire others to act boldly and peacefully, and to ease any anxieties to perceptions held that the state and these corporations are somehow an “omniscient” and “undefeatable” entity.

After studying intuitively how fires work, and the material of the infrastructures which we wished to halt (metal) we learned that the fire had to be hot enough to melt steel — and we have learned typical arsonry is not allows the most effective means, but every action is a thorn in their side.

On election night, knowing that gasoline burns quickly, but does not sustain by itself, we added motor oil (which burns at a higher temperature and for longer) and rags to coffee canisters and placed them on the seats of the machinery, piercing the coffee canisters once they were in place and striking several matches, anticipating that the seats would burn and maintain a fire long enough to make the machines obsolete. One canister did not light, and that is unfortunate, but five out of six ain’t bad.

Burnt section remains after sabotage against the Dakota Access Pipeline

“As we saw construction continue, we realized that pipe was going into the ground and that our only means to obstruct further corporate desecration was somehow to pierce through the empty steel pipes exposed at the numerous valve sites. We learned that a welding torch using oxygen and acetylene was the proper tool. We bought the equipment outside of our city in efforts to maintain anonymity as our goal was to push this corporation beyond their means to eventually abandon the project. We bought kits at Home Depot and the tanks at welding supply stores, like Praxair and Mathesons. Having no experience with welding equipment before, we learned through our own volition and we were able to get the job down to 7 minutes.

In our particular circumstances, we learned that scouting often hindered our ability to act in windows of opportunity. So, we went with our torches and protective gear on, and found numerous sites, feeling out the “vibe” of each situation, and deciding to act then and there, often in broad daylight. Trust your spirit, trust the signs.

Having run out of supplies (the tanks) we decided to return to arsonry because every action counts. We used gasoline and rags along with tires (as tires burn a nice while, once a steady fire within them burns) to multiple DAPL sites and equipment.

We were able to get more supplies shortly after and returned to a valve site in Wapello County to act again. It was then we discovered that oil was flowing through the pipeline. This was not reported to the public, instead a story of “ditch depressions” was reported to the public in Wapello County as the reason to why the pipeline continued to be delayed.

It is because of these lies we choose to come out publicly, to set the record straight, and be open about these peaceful and viable tactics against corporate atrocities.

If there are any regrets, it is that we did not act enough.

Please support and stand with us in this journey because we all need this pipeline stopped.

Water is Life, oil is death.

Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya

Krow Released from Jail & Transferred to 6 Months of House Arrest & Court Ordered Counseling; Read Krow’s Post-Release Statement Below:

After four months of battling uncertainty with my probation officer &
hollow intimidation from “authorities”, I’m very thankful to be released to six months of house arrest with court ordered counseling. Throughout my
various stints of incarceration, I’ve been the grateful recipient of
sanity-maintaining rad prisoner support, most namely communicative
connection; this has strengthened my resolve in both practicing and
advocating non-cooperation with the state & their “authoritative”
lackeys, fighting my revocation! I deeply missed the wild and my
comrades ideologically; being coercively caged up with cop apologists,
white supremacists, and “prayer bears” who truly believe police
brutality can be merely prayed-away always proves most challenging. The
acknowledgment of intersectionality between land defense, prisoner
support, & other struggles has also changed for the better, with yet
still room for improvement.
As always, it remains a paramount duty to organize as many people as
possible in our respective communities, & be on point with the many
fronts of land defense & prisoner support, ensuring the maintenance or
creation of local legal/bail funds for ALL people, & to do outreach
deeper into our communities outside our sometimes insular rad bubbles,
in order to promote & create points of agreement akin to that of the
“St. Paul Principles” or “Penokee Principles”. Both of these
community-created agreements serve to support & protect each other,
safeguarding us from peace police & simultaneously growing our rad team
in general through active radicalization, not just during campaigns or
The St. Paul Principles were initially shared with the greater public
prior to the 2008 RNC, & the Penokee Principles in 2013 in response to
political & police repression during the struggle opposing the world’s
largest proposed open-pit iron mine, located in occupied Ojibwe
Territory. These principles aim to connect diverse groups of people
through a shared combatance of various oppressions via agreeing to keep
dissent internal to the struggle through a culture of consent, including
but not limited to posting any form of media publicly of individuals or
groups who may hypothetically be pictured, videoed, or interviewed
pertaining to collective struggles for liberation. Whilst the greater
government aims to disrupt our struggles by spreading disinformation &
encouraging in-fighting, we can withstand their blows by accepting a
diversity of tactics, & NOT accepting the vilification of our comrades
by the villainous gov’!
As there is often seemingly more public support and discussion
surrounding prison abolition & reform, I will turn my focus for this
statement to jails. As we work toward their obsolescence, local
communities can rally in the present around outdoor recreation
accessibility for ALL inmates; improvement in fresh produce options;
access to any and all needed health & dental care that is also NOT
billed to one’s canteen account; the offering of more programs & general
freedoms IN county jails for ALL inmates not just SENTENCED trustees, &
the prioritization of SIGNATURE bonds over cash only bonds… We’re poor
god dammit! Lack of access to the aforementioned components of a
healthier life is anything but rehabilitative; these facilities are also
usually highly toxic, wasteful, & quite generally non-eco-friendly. Fuck
jails and prisons and all those who THINK they need them. As always, we
need COMMUNITY NOT incarceration; the Revolutionary Abolitionist
Movement of today still has some of my favourite things to say about
incarceration being an extension of slavery (as granted by the 13th
Amendment) and suggestions for how to abolish it.
In regards to the scores of people who are wearing their alleged
involvement in the #NO DAPL struggle in Standing Rock like a merit
badge, though we can all learn from each other in some capacity, for
better or for worse, I would be wary of anyone who uses it to further
their position. I suggest folks watch Submedia’s first documentary in
the newer series “Trouble: Killing the Black Snake- Behind the Scenes of
the No DAPL Struggle. I find this documentary more helpful and telling than most of the INNUMERABLE Facebook live-feeds and/or “documentarian” efforts; DIY is awesome, but most of it is sadly “DIE”, “Do-it-EGO”.
As a deeply spiritual persyn, I will say it was heartbreaking,
frustrating, and at times infuriating to see people using spiritual
abuse to gain control & power, & often coerce people through sometimes
colonized “prayer-bear” mentality to either stand down, or perpetuate
group mentalities that  only embrace one tactic or one interpretation of
a situation, instead of embracing a diversity of tactics for the
diversity of peoples present, with a variety of key indigenous elders &
“olders” that could be deferred to in the mix, there should have been
room for MORE of a VARIETY of choices for both action & non-action alike
for all people present; and there should NOT have been room for
unnecessary condemnation of diversity. Grassroots indigenous organizing
is NOT the same as IRA-enforced tribal government, and having developed
relationships with people BEFORE you show up to their land/territory is
NOT the same as randomly showing up & “picking” random elders to defer
to. We ALL have room for improvement!
In relation to prisoner support, it was interesting this time around
how many white liberals vociferously support me under the label of, “victim of police brutality,” but, in contrast, some have said they considered
my “approach” during the Penokee Mine Struggle too aggressively opposing
destruction & oppression… In my experience, those who simply attempt
to ONLY pray-away police brutality & destruction of the land have proven
to be largely unsuccessful; as always, we need to embrace a diversity of
tactics; there IS room and NEED for BOTH prayer & action in our fight
against destruction, servitude, & capitalism.    Take it from Nelson
Mandela, a well-known organizer against apartheid in South Africa, as he
reminded the public that the police were the people’s common enemy. We
need to focus on collectively fighting our common enemies, not each other;through this we can also literally & metaphorically build community.
We got a long road ahead of us, so let’s make it worth it! As Maria
Nikiforova believed that if [systemic government] power still exists,
we still had work to do, so it is obvious that until every humyn &
non-humyn creature are free, none of us are free, yo! Let our
love be like the love Assata Shakur describes as an acid that, “eats away
bars.” With that being said, we must remember to reach out to comrades still enduring legal battles from the #NO DAPL Struggle, to J-20, and so on!

NO borders. NO Nations. NO prisons or Jails. NO pipelines. No
industrial Agriculture or Resource Extraction. NO prejudice. No

Yer’ Comrade in Struggle, For the Wild, & Constant Decolonization,

Krow’s June 11th Statement

When I think of solidarity in the context of the June 11th holiday, in conjunction with writing the obvious letter to our caged comrades, I believe in the prioritization of engaging in living resistance utilizing/creating structures therein that allow rad folk to circumnavigate being caged. The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement’s most recent communiqué offers some suggestions that may enrich hypothetical efforts (it’s free online and worth your time).

More immediately, we can also activate general prisoner solidarity by once more utilizing/creating local legal/bail funds to free any and all who are incarcerated and eligible for bail on this day. Even in the move from specific (eco-prisoners) to general terms, prisoners, if we are to be ‘solid’ with one, we must be solid with the other, as they are oppressed by one of the same forces and entities- the state. As always, no prisons means no prisoners. This is not to dilute the focus of this very important day from eco-prisoners, just extend the scope and reach of our support.

Outreach to un-politicized prisoners is a common good that needs doing and also holds potential to radicalize more people, thus also potentially adding them to the cause and discussions of the proverbial “team”. We must be prefigurative in all that we do, valuing the process of achieving and actively living (daily) revolutionary lifestyles just as much as the diverse outcomes of those processes (derived from recent inspirations of Marianne Maeckelbergh’s “The Will of the Many”)

Disproportionately, the poor and people of color (POC) sit in jail de to lack of access to resources or money to pay bond (and sometimes they are very low bond amounts). We must outreach to offer tools that enable more agency on the individual’s part here.

Also on this day, we must acknowledge and undermine the fact that our so-called “government” continues to vilify comrades who defend the earth and all it’s creatures and life forces, in order to distract from the evil-doings+ merciless killings of land, water and people/creatures that the “US Government” is endorsing and perpetuating on a daily basis. They continually take the focus off of their heinous and racist resource-colonial acts and continue to subjugate, imprison, or kill any and all who seem to threaten their relative power.

Lastly, fuck Derek Jensen, but, “Forget Shorter Showers,” and don’t forget other Earth Defenders and Water Protectors that need our attention and support today and all days, like:

Red Fawn Fallis@ HACTC, 110 Industrial Rd. Rugby, ND 58368
Kathleen Bennet @ Morton County Jail, 205 1st Ave. NW, Mandan, ND 58554

as the latter needs assistance getting bailed out of jail! There are so many others we can reach out to as well, including internationally.

While we are reaching out to our wild-caged creatures this day, in the realms of prisoner and legal support groups, be sure to “check” yourselves and others’ privilege if comments like “take care of it” or “it’s better to just deal with it now” are slipping out of people’s mouths in regards to addressing looming and potentially lengthy terms of incarceration. You/they may never have before been in this situation, and you/they may not wish being as targeted or ill-resourced whist incarcerated! We should first seek to find them alternatives if at all possible. For prisoner post-release support, both prior preparational and logistical, to create adequate healing space for all involved is paramount. You’re all human; no one is a romanticized epitome of a radical ideal.

Thank you deeply to all who have supported me or donated to my support fund! My heart and wild appreciation goes out to you and I cannot do it without you! Here’s to having each other’s backs! Please also remember to support the upcoming International Solidarity with Eric King Day on June 28th and extend support to prisoners on food strike for better conditions in Folsom prison.

In closing, “… we threaten our own interests and rights when we condone by our silence the use of the government surveillance, attack on the legitimacy of the political activists, and the use of the criminal law to suppress and punish political dissent.” -Lennox S. Hines
Until All Are Free!

Your Comrade in Struggle,
For the wild


marking the four year anniversary of my charges related to the Penokee Mine Struggle

An Update and Statement from Krow: May 4 and 12, 2017

I often wonder why it is, yet again, I and/or my comrades have been targeted by the cops? The answer, yet again, is that it is their job; whether they are spiritual or not, compassionate or not, they simply have a job to do: subjugate, imprison, or kill those they deem or are ‘told’ endanger the status quo. Thus these jobs must be eliminated.

Prison abolition & prisoner support is a living commitment dedicated to the active destruction of the entire capitalist system that incarcerates us all. This commitment to the eradication of an unjust & tyrannical regime does not exclude [prison] reform. Whilst people are behind bars, we can work to minimize their suffering—sometimes this is simply ensuring they get the legal & health services they need & deserve, & sometimes it’s sending a letter or puttin’ a few bucks on someone’s commissary. Once these facilities cease to exist, we must have some consensual & effective methods in place for communally ‘dealing’ with ‘chomos’ etc. No prisoners means no prisoners, so until ALL are free, we have work to do! Next time, it could be YOU! So start a general bail fund in your community today!

We must also illustrate to folks that there’s no place for our radical selves in modern-day ‘society’. We must stick together & support each other & we create our own way. EVERY day we can plant seeds & take steps to further creating our own realities; we must train for resistance in both the present moment & future, including physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually stimulating ‘exercises’ & preparation.

Being engaged in one’s community is not a ‘choice’, (I’m trying to avoid the word ‘activism’ here; it’s a liberal & self-righteous concept & persynality attributed to issues & actions that should just be common sense to support and/or resist.) Thus, one’s community engagement may be a decent gauge of one’s privilege or lack thereof.

In terms of ongoing effectiveness of the rad communities, keep it simple: conceal one’s identity when necessary to avoid political or police repression, & maintain an air of plausible deniability. Good security culture should aid this goal.

While sometimes incarceration seems to be a necessary sacrifice to gain allies in some senses, hopefully it can be avoided as much as possible. More creative methods of underground movement seem necessary!

Pertaining to rad inspiration, people have & STILL ARE resisting the capitalist regimes, oppression, & various injustices all over the world constantly! Rojava, the Coconut Revolution in Papau New Guinea, Unis’tot’en, aspects of the #NODAPL struggle, aspects of the Cuban Revolution, the Defiance of Jews in Russia in the 1940s, the railroad blockade on the Bad River Reservation in the late 1990s, AIM’s work in the 1960s & ’70s, the Black Panthers’ work in the 1960s and 1970s, The Spanish Revolution in Greece to Tunisia, to all the so-called America’s give ya enough examples to name just a few! I’ve been reading George Orwell’s ‘Homage to Catalonia’, it definitely inspires the possibility of the ‘A-Team’s’ revolt in various places.

Once again, until all the prisons and jails are reduced to the bare minerals that comprise them, let us not forget to support prisoners post-release. This is quite the transition and speaking from experience, they’ll need your assistance spiritually, emotionally, financially and otherwise.

Another thing I’ve recently experienced that needs to change so that it can reduce the suffering of other inmates in the future, is the Prisoner Transport Systems. Myself and countless others have been delivered to different facilities by PTS, which is nothing short of a janky humyn-trafficking service. There are both buses and vans; womyn are put in 4×4 cages on the lamers-style buses and the little sprinter vans, like the one I was transported in, it can be equated to a creepy dog-catcher van! There are no windows, it’s pitch black most of the time, and you are squeezed into a tiny compartment to sit, approximately five by two feet, often with three other gals for days at a time. You are shackled both hands and ankles 24/7 and there is no room to stretch out. You are fed cheap fast food, which excites some, but is usually the same thing continuously or not enough food…I had to beg for maxi-pads to put on my bare and sore-ridden raw ankles (from the shackles rubbing)…It is also either scalding hot or extremely cold in your compartment and your are not allowed a blanket and are subsequently often scolded for complaining about it.

In conjunction with all of this, you are often dropped at one of the “housing” facilities, either in Alabama, Kentucky or Charleston Missouri where I was held. This facility had 36 womyn in a 16 persyn cell-block at its peak, thick and dangerous black mold on the ceiling and air vents making everyone sick, scant materials and services (you were only given one roll of toilet paper weekly) and the COs often referred to us as “cunts” and “bitches”. Our cells were freezing cold, we were often hungry and legally PTS has 180 days to transport you to your final destination, all the while you are not allowed commissary or phone calls whilst in transport. In the midst of your unknown lengthy stay in housing, you also find out that the Charleston jail likes to keep you for possibly as long as they can because they receive $150 a day for your presence from the state of your final destination…thus why we call PTS humyn trafficking; this “service” must be changed.

Lastly, seemingly because of my beliefs that the land belongs to those who are indigenous to it, people often write me thinking I’m indigenous to so called North America…Though we are all indigenous to somewhere, my blood make-up is somewhat a mystery; from what I know, mainly and mostly I derive from ancient Germany and southeast so called Europe. If we go back 20 generations, however, that’s approximately over five million ancestors you’re related to!

For those of us who are a mix of many ethnicities, which surmounts to many, there may not be one “right” answer to where we many “come-from” or which land base we should be most loyal to… All we can do is be good visitors in a space, ask for consent as much as possible and remember that we must ALL defend the air, water and land for future generations of ALL CREATURES to come.


So I still do not know what will happen with my case, I am grateful for the many womyn I have met while incarcerated; hearing their stories always makes me a better, more compassionate person and serves as a reminder that helping others help themselves with varying addictions is valuable. How can we expect people to fight the system while they struggle with addiction? People need community and/or treatment not jail or imprisonment we are perfectly capable as individuals in communities of procuring our own food, keeping ourselves safe, raising our own children, and creating our own rules or lack thereof. Creating plenty of autonomous zones, like France’s ZAD, various tribal structures (not IRA non-traditional tribal governments) are both living and past examples of this. More time needs to be spent building communities instead of prisons; it is imperative to start general and legal bail funds in your community. We must be prepared to aid our comrades at every turn instead of scrambling at the last minute.

In closing, “We know we’re in a body that’s going to die, but we behave as if it’s not going to happen to us. This viewpoint is from the inactive side of infinity where we don’t see our connection to intention and our ability to stay in harmony with our creative spirit.” – Dr Wayne W. Dyer

In Struggle, For the Wild,

Krow Has Arrived at Wisconsin’s Iron County Jail: Send Letters and Donate!

On April 12, Krow turned herself into the custody of North Dakota law enforcement to await extradition to Wisconsin to face charges of violating felony probation. For the next three weeks, friends and supporters weren’t sure of Krow’s whereabouts as she was transferred across states. Now we finally have confirmation that she is in Wisconsin’s Iron County Jail—the same jail where she previously served nine months for defending Wisconsin’s Penokee Hills from mining in 2013.

Krow needs funds to allow her to make calls regarding legal support, as well as to keep in touch with friends and family while she’s inside. But the phone system in Iron County is archaic and extremely expensive, so she needs your support! The ability to make calls while in prison is paramount to maintaining a sense of support, balance, and positive mental health. Please donate here if you can. Every little bit helps.

You can write letters to Krow here (address envelope to Katie Kloth, not Krow):

Katie Kloth
Iron County Jail
300 Taconite Street
Hurley, WI 54534

While awaiting further legal hearings, Krow is drawing from her experiences and working on a zine about prisoner support and transportation.



Krow was taken into the custody of Morton County at 5 pm on April 12, awaiting Wisconsin’s extradition attempts! Send love and rad vibes and please also remember to support other homies who are incarcerated too! Thanks! May her exonerated bond returned to Freshet collective be used to bond out any and all folks caught in the crossfire of police state repression out of Burleigh and Morton County jail! No prisons means no prisoners! Community solidarity and resistance building! 🙂 Make the most of your freedom and kick ass and fight fascism for all creatures!

Krow’s Extradition Hearing Today, Updates & Non-compliance

Krow had their extradition hearing at 2:00 pm today in Morton Cty, ND; they are currently still ‘out’ in the relatively free world, & the ‘state’ of Wisconsin has ten days to pick them up & transport them into their custody for alleged activist related charges there. If they do not appear within this time frame, the Governor’s warrant is null & void, & the whole process would then have to be refiled & theoretically start over.

Though Krow is still raising money for their support fund, which includes paying off various legal fees & fines in different arenas, Krow also wants to remind folks that when their legal proceedings are completed, any money left over in the “Support Krow” Fund will be allocated to other front line legal struggles that prioritize indigenous peoples.

In conjunction, Krow wants to reemphasize and share that federal investigations are more than likely still under way & possibly waiting to be revealed surrounding the #NO DAPL struggle, so ALWAYS maintaining good security culture is paramount! Furthermore, dismissals in the courtroom are NOT the same as acquittals! Dismissed charges can STILL be resurrected at a later time/inconvenient date!

In addition to good security culture, a serious and steadfast persynal & collective policy of non-compliance in regards to the “authorities” is also of most importance, and needs to be maintained! This means NOT talking to the police or ANY other three letter agency for that matter, including but not limited to: FBI, BIA, ATF, CIA, DEA, etc. It is also their opinion that people that DO comply in any way, shape, or form, only serve to hurt the lives & ongoing legal battles of other water protectors, thus should NOT get any financial help or legal resources from either the Freshet or WPLC Legal Collective!

While keeping the struggle alive, please remember that one has to be PHYSICALLY & IN-Persyn “served” federal grand jury subpoenas! “Certified” sitting-in-your-mailbox subpoenas do NOT count! There’s also a time-limit on their validity of 18 months, at which point they may or may not resubmit a new subpoena/extension.

As far as DAPL pipeline updates are concerned, reliable sources on the ground in North Dakota have said their is NOT oil flowing through the pipeline under the river! We must remember that the mainstream media is out to make headlines & money, not always do the best reporting, nor gave the ‘people’s’ best interests in mind.

Be smart, Kick ass, and stay as free and effective as long as possible! Those with privelege & access to land, please share it with the resistance efforts that oppose fascism, resist resource colonialism, & generally fight the wretched system we were born non-consentually into.

For the Wild, and Fuck Nazis

Love & Radness

Krow’s Extradition Hearing Scheduled for April 5

Krow’s extradition hearing will take place April 5 at 2:00 PM at the Morton County Courthouse, 210 2nd Ave NW, Mandan, North Dakota

Krow is in need of your support! Her extradition hearing was just moved—it will take place on April 5 at 2:00 PM at the Morton County Courthouse, 210 2nd Ave NW, Mandan, North Dakota. At the hearing they will try to prove that Krow is on probation in Wisconsin, after which she can waive or continue to fight extradition.

Though Krow has been released from jail since her arrest, this hearing will have a large impact on her future legal standing in North Dakota and potentially Wisconsin. Typically, those arrested in resistance movements receive a lot of support shortly after their arrest, but support tapers off after their case stops making headlines. Please continue to send your support to all water protectors who have been and are being held by the state for their involvement with the No DAPL struggle, including Rattler, Red Fawn, and Charles “Scorch” Jordan.

On that note, one piece of good news: Charles “Scorch” Jordan, who has been in jail since November, was just released from Burleigh City Jail in Bismarck, North Dakota! This release was largely due to continued outside support, so thank you to everyone who helped make that happen.

You can donate to Krow’s support fund at Contact supportkrow[at] if you have questions about the hearing, how to support Krow, or other No DAPL prisoners.