Krow Released from Jail & Transferred to 6 Months of House Arrest & Court Ordered Counseling; Read Krow’s Post-Release Statement Below:

After four months of battling uncertainty with my probation officer &
hollow intimidation from “authorities”, I’m very thankful to be released to six months of house arrest with court ordered counseling. Throughout my
various stints of incarceration, I’ve been the grateful recipient of
sanity-maintaining rad prisoner support, most namely communicative
connection; this has strengthened my resolve in both practicing and
advocating non-cooperation with the state & their “authoritative”
lackeys, fighting my revocation! I deeply missed the wild and my
comrades ideologically; being coercively caged up with cop apologists,
white supremacists, and “prayer bears” who truly believe police
brutality can be merely prayed-away always proves most challenging. The
acknowledgment of intersectionality between land defense, prisoner
support, & other struggles has also changed for the better, with yet
still room for improvement.
As always, it remains a paramount duty to organize as many people as
possible in our respective communities, & be on point with the many
fronts of land defense & prisoner support, ensuring the maintenance or
creation of local legal/bail funds for ALL people, & to do outreach
deeper into our communities outside our sometimes insular rad bubbles,
in order to promote & create points of agreement akin to that of the
“St. Paul Principles” or “Penokee Principles”. Both of these
community-created agreements serve to support & protect each other,
safeguarding us from peace police & simultaneously growing our rad team
in general through active radicalization, not just during campaigns or
The St. Paul Principles were initially shared with the greater public
prior to the 2008 RNC, & the Penokee Principles in 2013 in response to
political & police repression during the struggle opposing the world’s
largest proposed open-pit iron mine, located in occupied Ojibwe
Territory. These principles aim to connect diverse groups of people
through a shared combatance of various oppressions via agreeing to keep
dissent internal to the struggle through a culture of consent, including
but not limited to posting any form of media publicly of individuals or
groups who may hypothetically be pictured, videoed, or interviewed
pertaining to collective struggles for liberation. Whilst the greater
government aims to disrupt our struggles by spreading disinformation &
encouraging in-fighting, we can withstand their blows by accepting a
diversity of tactics, & NOT accepting the vilification of our comrades
by the villainous gov’!
As there is often seemingly more public support and discussion
surrounding prison abolition & reform, I will turn my focus for this
statement to jails. As we work toward their obsolescence, local
communities can rally in the present around outdoor recreation
accessibility for ALL inmates; improvement in fresh produce options;
access to any and all needed health & dental care that is also NOT
billed to one’s canteen account; the offering of more programs & general
freedoms IN county jails for ALL inmates not just SENTENCED trustees, &
the prioritization of SIGNATURE bonds over cash only bonds… We’re poor
god dammit! Lack of access to the aforementioned components of a
healthier life is anything but rehabilitative; these facilities are also
usually highly toxic, wasteful, & quite generally non-eco-friendly. Fuck
jails and prisons and all those who THINK they need them. As always, we
need COMMUNITY NOT incarceration; the Revolutionary Abolitionist
Movement of today still has some of my favourite things to say about
incarceration being an extension of slavery (as granted by the 13th
Amendment) and suggestions for how to abolish it.
In regards to the scores of people who are wearing their alleged
involvement in the #NO DAPL struggle in Standing Rock like a merit
badge, though we can all learn from each other in some capacity, for
better or for worse, I would be wary of anyone who uses it to further
their position. I suggest folks watch Submedia’s first documentary in
the newer series “Trouble: Killing the Black Snake- Behind the Scenes of
the No DAPL Struggle. I find this documentary more helpful and telling than most of the INNUMERABLE Facebook live-feeds and/or “documentarian” efforts; DIY is awesome, but most of it is sadly “DIE”, “Do-it-EGO”.
As a deeply spiritual persyn, I will say it was heartbreaking,
frustrating, and at times infuriating to see people using spiritual
abuse to gain control & power, & often coerce people through sometimes
colonized “prayer-bear” mentality to either stand down, or perpetuate
group mentalities that  only embrace one tactic or one interpretation of
a situation, instead of embracing a diversity of tactics for the
diversity of peoples present, with a variety of key indigenous elders &
“olders” that could be deferred to in the mix, there should have been
room for MORE of a VARIETY of choices for both action & non-action alike
for all people present; and there should NOT have been room for
unnecessary condemnation of diversity. Grassroots indigenous organizing
is NOT the same as IRA-enforced tribal government, and having developed
relationships with people BEFORE you show up to their land/territory is
NOT the same as randomly showing up & “picking” random elders to defer
to. We ALL have room for improvement!
In relation to prisoner support, it was interesting this time around
how many white liberals vociferously support me under the label of, “victim of police brutality,” but, in contrast, some have said they considered
my “approach” during the Penokee Mine Struggle too aggressively opposing
destruction & oppression… In my experience, those who simply attempt
to ONLY pray-away police brutality & destruction of the land have proven
to be largely unsuccessful; as always, we need to embrace a diversity of
tactics; there IS room and NEED for BOTH prayer & action in our fight
against destruction, servitude, & capitalism.    Take it from Nelson
Mandela, a well-known organizer against apartheid in South Africa, as he
reminded the public that the police were the people’s common enemy. We
need to focus on collectively fighting our common enemies, not each other;through this we can also literally & metaphorically build community.
We got a long road ahead of us, so let’s make it worth it! As Maria
Nikiforova believed that if [systemic government] power still exists,
we still had work to do, so it is obvious that until every humyn &
non-humyn creature are free, none of us are free, yo! Let our
love be like the love Assata Shakur describes as an acid that, “eats away
bars.” With that being said, we must remember to reach out to comrades still enduring legal battles from the #NO DAPL Struggle, to J-20, and so on!

NO borders. NO Nations. NO prisons or Jails. NO pipelines. No
industrial Agriculture or Resource Extraction. NO prejudice. No

Yer’ Comrade in Struggle, For the Wild, & Constant Decolonization,

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