An Update and Statement from Krow: May 4 and 12, 2017

I often wonder why it is, yet again, I and/or my comrades have been targeted by the cops? The answer, yet again, is that it is their job; whether they are spiritual or not, compassionate or not, they simply have a job to do: subjugate, imprison, or kill those they deem or are ‘told’ endanger the status quo. Thus these jobs must be eliminated.

Prison abolition & prisoner support is a living commitment dedicated to the active destruction of the entire capitalist system that incarcerates us all. This commitment to the eradication of an unjust & tyrannical regime does not exclude [prison] reform. Whilst people are behind bars, we can work to minimize their suffering—sometimes this is simply ensuring they get the legal & health services they need & deserve, & sometimes it’s sending a letter or puttin’ a few bucks on someone’s commissary. Once these facilities cease to exist, we must have some consensual & effective methods in place for communally ‘dealing’ with ‘chomos’ etc. No prisoners means no prisoners, so until ALL are free, we have work to do! Next time, it could be YOU! So start a general bail fund in your community today!

We must also illustrate to folks that there’s no place for our radical selves in modern-day ‘society’. We must stick together & support each other & we create our own way. EVERY day we can plant seeds & take steps to further creating our own realities; we must train for resistance in both the present moment & future, including physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually stimulating ‘exercises’ & preparation.

Being engaged in one’s community is not a ‘choice’, (I’m trying to avoid the word ‘activism’ here; it’s a liberal & self-righteous concept & persynality attributed to issues & actions that should just be common sense to support and/or resist.) Thus, one’s community engagement may be a decent gauge of one’s privilege or lack thereof.

In terms of ongoing effectiveness of the rad communities, keep it simple: conceal one’s identity when necessary to avoid political or police repression, & maintain an air of plausible deniability. Good security culture should aid this goal.

While sometimes incarceration seems to be a necessary sacrifice to gain allies in some senses, hopefully it can be avoided as much as possible. More creative methods of underground movement seem necessary!

Pertaining to rad inspiration, people have & STILL ARE resisting the capitalist regimes, oppression, & various injustices all over the world constantly! Rojava, the Coconut Revolution in Papau New Guinea, Unis’tot’en, aspects of the #NODAPL struggle, aspects of the Cuban Revolution, the Defiance of Jews in Russia in the 1940s, the railroad blockade on the Bad River Reservation in the late 1990s, AIM’s work in the 1960s & ’70s, the Black Panthers’ work in the 1960s and 1970s, The Spanish Revolution in Greece to Tunisia, to all the so-called America’s give ya enough examples to name just a few! I’ve been reading George Orwell’s ‘Homage to Catalonia’, it definitely inspires the possibility of the ‘A-Team’s’ revolt in various places.

Once again, until all the prisons and jails are reduced to the bare minerals that comprise them, let us not forget to support prisoners post-release. This is quite the transition and speaking from experience, they’ll need your assistance spiritually, emotionally, financially and otherwise.

Another thing I’ve recently experienced that needs to change so that it can reduce the suffering of other inmates in the future, is the Prisoner Transport Systems. Myself and countless others have been delivered to different facilities by PTS, which is nothing short of a janky humyn-trafficking service. There are both buses and vans; womyn are put in 4×4 cages on the lamers-style buses and the little sprinter vans, like the one I was transported in, it can be equated to a creepy dog-catcher van! There are no windows, it’s pitch black most of the time, and you are squeezed into a tiny compartment to sit, approximately five by two feet, often with three other gals for days at a time. You are shackled both hands and ankles 24/7 and there is no room to stretch out. You are fed cheap fast food, which excites some, but is usually the same thing continuously or not enough food…I had to beg for maxi-pads to put on my bare and sore-ridden raw ankles (from the shackles rubbing)…It is also either scalding hot or extremely cold in your compartment and your are not allowed a blanket and are subsequently often scolded for complaining about it.

In conjunction with all of this, you are often dropped at one of the “housing” facilities, either in Alabama, Kentucky or Charleston Missouri where I was held. This facility had 36 womyn in a 16 persyn cell-block at its peak, thick and dangerous black mold on the ceiling and air vents making everyone sick, scant materials and services (you were only given one roll of toilet paper weekly) and the COs often referred to us as “cunts” and “bitches”. Our cells were freezing cold, we were often hungry and legally PTS has 180 days to transport you to your final destination, all the while you are not allowed commissary or phone calls whilst in transport. In the midst of your unknown lengthy stay in housing, you also find out that the Charleston jail likes to keep you for possibly as long as they can because they receive $150 a day for your presence from the state of your final destination…thus why we call PTS humyn trafficking; this “service” must be changed.

Lastly, seemingly because of my beliefs that the land belongs to those who are indigenous to it, people often write me thinking I’m indigenous to so called North America…Though we are all indigenous to somewhere, my blood make-up is somewhat a mystery; from what I know, mainly and mostly I derive from ancient Germany and southeast so called Europe. If we go back 20 generations, however, that’s approximately over five million ancestors you’re related to!

For those of us who are a mix of many ethnicities, which surmounts to many, there may not be one “right” answer to where we many “come-from” or which land base we should be most loyal to… All we can do is be good visitors in a space, ask for consent as much as possible and remember that we must ALL defend the air, water and land for future generations of ALL CREATURES to come.


So I still do not know what will happen with my case, I am grateful for the many womyn I have met while incarcerated; hearing their stories always makes me a better, more compassionate person and serves as a reminder that helping others help themselves with varying addictions is valuable. How can we expect people to fight the system while they struggle with addiction? People need community and/or treatment not jail or imprisonment we are perfectly capable as individuals in communities of procuring our own food, keeping ourselves safe, raising our own children, and creating our own rules or lack thereof. Creating plenty of autonomous zones, like France’s ZAD, various tribal structures (not IRA non-traditional tribal governments) are both living and past examples of this. More time needs to be spent building communities instead of prisons; it is imperative to start general and legal bail funds in your community. We must be prepared to aid our comrades at every turn instead of scrambling at the last minute.

In closing, “We know we’re in a body that’s going to die, but we behave as if it’s not going to happen to us. This viewpoint is from the inactive side of infinity where we don’t see our connection to intention and our ability to stay in harmony with our creative spirit.” – Dr Wayne W. Dyer

In Struggle, For the Wild,

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